Blocked Drains and Sewer Pipes

A blocked sewer can lead to not only terrible smell ruining your family’s sweet abode but progress to become a health hazard in its own right.

Atkins Plumbing and Gas helps you combat blocked pipes and sewers with the latest in technology, under the careful guidance of their our experienced staff.

Whether you want advice on how to address your smelly drain or you need an emergency service for your blocked sewage, we are the solution you have been looking for.

Domestic servicing of Maitland and Hunter Valley homes for blocked pipes and sewage is now made easy, convenient, and prompt. All thanks to the friendly and eager team of experienced plumbers at Atkins Plumbing and Gas.

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blocked drain and sewer pipes

1. CCTV Drain Inspection Camera

This is to inspect hard-to-reach areas of the pipes and drainage, detect and locate blockages and leaks using a CCTV drain inspection camera – Seesnake

Manual digging is time consuming and using cameras helps in reducing costs for our valuable clients. It is also a more foolproof method to scour out all debris.

2. Water Blaster Machine

Hydro jetting using high pressure streams of water helps flow out blockages once pinpointed. Tree root systems, debris, waste and grease – all can be rid of by this wonderful method.

The jets of water break down debris, making smaller pieces that are easier to flow out through the pipes. A very flexible and mobile unit for use, for improved results.

Many more high tech diagnosis and removal equipment are used by our team to help locate all traceble services and excavate them as soon as possible. This comes handy especially at old homes where digging up off old and earthenware piping system is essential in order to locate the blockage.

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